As of January 1st, 2008 and until further notice, the NOK Foundation is focusing on a large scale internal project and will not be accepting applications for scholarship.

Love, Peace and Light.
Nigol Koulajian


NOK Foundation, Inc. (NOK) was created in order to cultivate and promote the study of Eastern religions, philosophies and Yoga. Assistance for these charitable and humanitarian endeavors will come through donations, grants, scholarships and educational programs.

NOK recognizes that the West has excelled in the objective sciences. Natural sciences such as physics, chemistry and biology, as well as their derived technological advances, have contributed to the well being of all of humanity. However, in doing so, Western educational institutions have neglected the subjective sciences.

Subjective sciences use ethics, values and the auxiliary techniques of Yoga and Meditation as self-sufficient means to quiet and purify the mind. As a result, greater peace, concentration and clarity are achieved. Long-term success and satisfaction become by-products of the clarity achieved through applying these techniques.

The Eastern educational system places great importance on religion and philosophy in the development of the human being. Contrary to the West, the East continues to retain and is capable of transmitting the inherent value of the subjective sciences and the pursuit of self-inquiry.

NOK believes that to the extent that self-knowledge crystallizes in a human being, it brings about a harmonious integration of one’s personality and a more efficient and productive conflict-free life style.

Some of the undertakings NOK is currently involved in are:

1) Sending Western yoga teachers to the East to study Yoga and its therapeutic advantages at some of the oldest, most reputable and established schools in India, such as Kaivalyadham and Bihar. As of October 2006 and until further notice, we will only accept applications to these two schools.

2) Promoting and sponsoring Zen Studies in the United States.

3) Sponsoring research projects that are interested in investigating the
mental and physical benefits of Yoga and meditation from original sources.

4) Helping build Nature Cure hospitals, schools for children to study Yoga and yoga centers through out the world.

5) Helping to bring Yoga to schools for students with special needs, correctional facilities and mental health organizations. NOK is also supporting efforts to put together standardized Yoga curriculums for the mentioned populations, which can serve as a prototype that can be reproduced and used by others.

6) Supporting interfaith youth services.

7) Helping to promote the spiritual arts in the form of spiritual films and the translation and publishing of spiritual texts.

8) Offering donations to organizations and charities that are interested in maintaining and promoting Eastern religions, philosophies and Yoga
and bringing them to the West.

9) Moreover, the foundation is interested in creative ideas and projects that would work in support of these concepts and philosophies such as the translation and transmission of spiritual text.

Nigol Koulajian, the founder of a hedge fund company in NY, established the NOK Foundation, Inc. in 2002.