NOK is offering scholarships to those who are sincerely interested in studying the live traditions of the East with the goal of integrating its knowledge in the West. We are offering scholarships to study in any one of the mentioned 4 week-4 month programs. As of October 2006 and until further notice, we accept applications to Bihar School of Yoga and Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute only.

In order to qualify for the scholarship, the applicant should have 1 year of prior teaching experience. Upon their return they would also be required to do 20 hours of unpaid teaching at a Community Service Agency or organization in the United States or Europe.

After they have received their certificate of completion and upon their return, a report will need to be submitted that includes a summary of their experience as well as useful information on their topic of study (Click here for guidelines). This report will be placed in our online reference library for those who would like to gain more information.

Click here for application for Yoga studies.