The following is a list of schools that NOK is happy to accept as places of study. As of October 2006 and until further notice, we will accept applications to Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute and Bihar School of Yoga only.

1. Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute, Lonavla, India
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Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute was founded in 1924. Because of its in-depth scientific research it was chosen by the Indian government to help with the accreditation of all other schools of yoga. Their teaching is specific to the ancient yogic texts of Pantanjali and the Hatha Pradipika. Their course is academic and their teaching is literal to these texts without deviation. It offers an intensive 6-week course as well as a more complete 9-month program.

2. Bihar Yoga Bharati Institute, Bihar, India
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Swami Satyananda Saraswati founded the Bihar School of Yoga (BSY) in 1964. It is recognized by the government of India as the first yogic Gurukula university in the world. Bihar School’s 1st level program is a four-month introductory course. The course aims at a basic understanding and integration of different yogic paths, e.g. karma yoga, hatha yoga, bhakti yoga, raja yoga and jnana yoga.