Zen Testimonials

Nigol Koulajian
"Over the past ten years, I have had the great fortune of studying Yoga, Pranayama, Vedanta and Meditation with many incredible spiritual teachers from many different traditions, both in the USA and in India. One experience that had a great impact on the success in my life as a businessman, yogi and teacher of yoga was the 9 days I spent in silent meditation (Sesshin) at the Dai Bosatsu Zendo in upstate New York. The experience had a most powerful effect on me as a beginning student of meditation and has continued to inspire me to carry on the practice for the past ten years. The physical, mental and spiritual peace and clarity that I experienced still serve me in my everyday life as I believe the experience is responsible for my ability to make clear and more accurate decisions due to a more useful perspective gained on life.

Because of how instrumental the experience was in my life, I now attend Sesshin every year (sometimes twice a year). Also, I recently invited a few close friends from many different walks of life to attend (some having no prior spiritual practice). They all have found great value in this work and many have returned on their own. I would be remiss if I failed to inform you that sitting during one of these Sesshin is one of the most difficult things I have ever done. It is both challenging to the mind and can be quite rigorous on the body. However, I have not swayed as the benefits have been so far reaching".

Peace, Love and Light.

Margarita Guergue
"On day 5 of the Sesshin, I felt a profound internal shift that is difficult to word out. You become your own silent teacher until the "you" part of it disappears and only practice remains".

Margarita Guergue
"When I came back my voice was deeper and stronger, my listening skills more acute. A clear sense that I had gone somewhere deep inside this body-mind continuum I call 'me'".

Adrienne Jamiel
"I extend my deepest gratitude to you for the priceless gift of Sesshin. Words cannot express my life changing experience. Fortunately, my experience is continuing now that I am home.

I have no doubt that I will return to Sesshin again and again. I am an avid student of ways to see myself more clearly, and I learned more about the quality of mindfulness and my relative lack of it in one Sesshin than I have in all the previous years of my life.

My meditation practice is now the technique I learned during Sesshin and I am grateful for that as well. I can see now that meditation techniques that I learned through Yoga have not served me as well. I feel so happy to have finally learned a physical technique that works for me after all these long years of practice".

Piki Houde
"I was truly fortunate that my spiritual path guided me to the DAI BOSATSU ZENDO. I sat in a Sesshin with the obesity of "spiritual knowledge" and quickly came to realize that I had to let it all go to find a drop of true wisdom. The Sesshin gave me this privileged opportunity with full protection, support and strong discipline."

Piki Houde
"To study Yoga in India shifted my perception on my teaching ,life and Yoga. I was deeply touched by my teachers incredible endless knowledge on this infinite multiple level science and certainly their humbleness. It was real and coming from its authentic roots. It was a rich education and to be in their culture and reality made me understand and respect so many things. One sure example is "SHRADDHA".

Lura Shopteau
I loved India, I learned or discovered that I was comfortable with things just the way they are. It is nothing like our world. The only way you can get inside and live it is to know that. Let go of all you know and enjoy the ride. I met many wonderful people, had many fantastic experiences and saw much beauty everyday, all of which I brought home within me.

Bridget A. Shields
In August 2005, I traveled to southern India to study traditional and natural healing systems and further an ongoing inquiry into Ayurveda's 6000 year history, it's link to Yoga, meditation, marma and plant based remedies. The scholarship provided an in-depth, educational and demystifying global, communal and spiritual journey. The travels throughout Kerala and Tamil Nadu immeasurably enriched my life, career as a yoga teacher, body worker and photographer. The experience has proven to have also greatly enhanced many inspired students and their practices, as well. I have continued to further a deep desire to learn, experience and share more about yoga and the essential connection to the ancient "science of life", Ayurveda.