From its inception in December 2002 to June 2010,
The NOK Foundation, Inc. has received over $7.7 million in donations and given out over $2.1 million in grants. The endowment as of June 2010 is over $6.4 million.

Promoted meditation and spiritual studies:
Ananda Ashram
Brahma Kumaris
The Breathing Project
Chinmaya Mission
Dai Bosatsu Zendo / NY Zendo / Zen Studies Society
Interfaith Center of New York
Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute
Universal Force Yoga (Rootlight)
Shambhala Meditation Center of NY
Tilden Study Center
Vipassana Meditation

Subsidized the construction of spiritual centers:
Dhyanyogi Center
Karma Triyana Dharmachakra
Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute
Sambodh Society
Yogi Gupta Ashram - Nature Cure Hospital
Universal Force Yoga (Rootlight)
Shri Vital Ashram

Funded holistic hospitals & health research:
Yogi Gupta Ashram - Nature Cure Hospital
Ma Centers
Doctors without Borders
Serving Those Who Serve

Subsidized Yoga programs for special needs children
& mental health clinics:

Whole Children
Young Adult Institute

Sponsored the translation, publishing and production of spiritual texts and films:
Bhakti Books
Kundalini Research Institute / 3HO Foundation
Reprint of Yogi Bhajan Lectures
Ananda Ashram, Reprint of Bramananda Lectures
Universal Force Yoga / Rootlight
Waterstone Group Institute for Media & Entertainment
Kaivalyadham / Yoga Mimamsa
Dai Bosatsu Zendo / NY Zendo / Zen Studies

Promoted awareness and economic development in third world countries:
Armenian General Benevolent Union
Armenia Fund
Marshall Legacy Institute
UNDWC – African Awareness

Sponsored spiritual youth services:
Epiphany School
French American Aid for Children
Youth Service International

Land Conservation:
Woodstock Land Conservancy